COO invades SLC this weekend with Cosi fan tutte.

Preparations for our concert performance of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte on are almost complete. The singers are fantastic, and truly capture the essence of their roles even without staging.

The opera will be performed August 23 and 24, both at 7:30 pm, at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City (261 S 900 E). Please note this is a venue different from the orchestra’s usual home at Ogden’s Union Station.

Cosi is the final opera in the trilogy resulting from the partnership between Mozart and librettist da Ponte (Mozart sought out the more famous da Ponte, not the other way around). The trilogy — which also includes Don Giovanni and Marriage of Figaro explores heady issues like class differences, love, and deception, all the while never taking itself too seriously. Sometimes comedy is the best medium for getting a serious point across.

The title of this opera might a little explanation: in English, Cosi fan tutte translates roughly to “they are all like that.” But, the gendered construction of the Italian makes it actually mean “Women are all like that.”

If you’d like to come see what Mozart and da Ponte had in mind, we would love for you to join us at 7:30 on Aug 23 & 24 at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City (261 S 900 E). Tickets are $10 per person; less for couples and families.

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